Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Shrinking Crisp Packets!

Hello Folks

My son has got to dress up with a recycling theme on Friday - and I had the idea of making a keyring or necklace out of a shrunk crisp packet. (That's not all he'll be wearing though ha ha!!)

So I've had a go at shrinking 2 crisp packets tonight - I tried one using my heat gun, but just melted holes in the bag. So I put the second one in the oven - gas mark 6 for 2 minutes - it did shrink, but also turned black, and its long and thin rather than shrunk to same proportions. Anyone any ideas??? I'll just have to eat more crisps to have another go LOL - think next time I'll have the oven at a lower temperature and for a bit longer!

Edit to add: I have read various comments on the internet that its possible crisp packets aren't made of the same plastics they used to be so it might not work properly on modern packets!

I'll keep you informed how I get on!

Love, Andrea xx


Tab said...

Gosh I remember doing that when I was at school LOL....from what I can remember I just popped them on a backing tray and just stuck them under the grill on low. Hope that you get sorted, they do look fab when done!

Hugs Tab xxx

Mina said...

just an idea but why dont you scan or photograph your crisp packet then you can make it any size on your pc then print out...any help?
Mina xxx

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings said...

Hello dear Andrea,

Thank you so much for seeing me today and of course your kind comment

Rach said...

lol, I used to chuck mine on a coal fire as a kid and loved how they just shrivelled up in front or your eyes. i think that the packaging has changed now.. :( good luck in your search.. hugs rachxx

Anonymous said...

Hehe, good luck Andrea! Things we do for our kids! xx