Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Na! Not Impressed!

Hello again - thought I'd give you a follow-up re. my crisp packets (see post below). I've had another go tonight - shrunk one packet in the oven, and tried one under the grill. But I'm not impressed with any of my attempts. I've given up!

I've got one which I might be able to turn into a keyring - I'll see what Andrew thinks tomorrow.

But I'm quite impressed with my recycle image that I've drawn on a t-shirt for him, and coloured with Promarkers - I'll try to photograph it to show you. Just got to try to get Andrew to write what things can be recycled on the back of the t-shirt tomorrow evening.

Thankfully, Eleri's dressing up is easy. She's got to dress up depicting something out of a Welsh lullaby. Well, the only Welsh lullaby I know is Heno, Heno (about going to bed), so she's going to school in her pyjams and dressing gown! (This is all for World Book Day on Friday).

I'm not very keen on dressing-up days for school really, 'cos I always think of good ideas after the event - love seeing other people's ingenious ideas though! Doesn't help that Andrew hates dressing up - always has! And, as yesterday was St David's Day they were asked to dress up yesterday too - that was easy though - Eleri was in her Welsh ladies outfit and Andrew wore his new Wales rugby shirt that he had for his birthday.

Enough of my waffle - goodnight! I really am going to bed early tonight because I'm in the middle of a good book - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

See ya.

Love, Andrea xx

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts Andrea; your stories take me back to when my kids were little. I have an Andrew too - he's 31 tomorrow. I remember making him a spaceman costume and sprayed a pair of wellies silver. It looked great, but he left silver paint all over the beautiful wood floor in the school hall! xx