Friday, 4 March 2011

Dressing Up and Shrunken Crisp Packet

Hello Peoples - well, we've reached the end of the working week, but I'm going to have to do some work at home this weekend as I'm getting behind at work, and I still have the notes of a public meeting to get typed up (ergh!)

I'm going to show some photos of my little horrors dressed up for school this week:

Eleri on St Davids Day:

Andrew today for World Book Day, with recycling theme (put my promarkers to good use here) - he doesn't like having his photo taken:

And this is the back, care of Andrew himself (in case you're wondering they are Welsh words for items which can be recycled):

And I know you've been holding your breath waiting to see my shrunken crisp packet (LOL!). This was the best of a very bad bunch (I think I agree with what some people have said, that crisp packets aren't the same as they used to be, and they don't shrink very well these days!). I managed to make it into a keyring and Andrew thought it was 'well cool'! But, unfortunately, one of his friends pulled it off him as soon as he got to school and broke one of the rings - I have managed to repair it though. Think its a good job I took a photo before we left home!

Well, that's enough from me. I do have a card to show you - probably do that tomorrow.

Love, Andrea xx


Rach said...

brilliant piccies hun, thank you for sharing.. hugs RAchxx

Nilesh said...

Hi Andrea,

Eleri and her bro look so sweet! I LOVE her costume! And his tee shirt has been done so well. The back is cool as well. The shrink plastic looks cool!

Oh poor you that you have to do extra work at the weekend... So that will keep you away from crafting - sob, sob!



Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Andrea and Eleri looks so pretty. Hehe, I have hundreds of photos of my boys with the same 'Do I have to have my photo taken?' stance as Andrew! The keyring looks fab! Try to get some 'me time' this weekend if you can! xx