Thursday, 10 March 2011

Woohoo! I Made Top 3

Well Hello People

I've had fantabulous news today - I was given one of the top three awards for last week's challenge on AI Factory with my pass the parcel set. What a lovely surprise! I have a badge to put on my sidebar but Mr Blogger is playing up and I can't get that to work yet - I'll try again tomorrow.

It did cheer me up today - I've been very tearful for some obscure reason today - I sat down and cried at lunchtime today over the state of our house! I'm just no good at interior design, and I would love for someone to come along and tell me what we need to do and where to get everything from and then help me to do it, and all on a very very tight or non-existent budget! I have to tell you a secret - we've been living here for over 3 years, and we still have things in packing boxes in our bedroom because I just don't know where to put them, and I don't know what else to store them in - OK now I've put that in black and white I feel even worse!! Plus I have piles of boxes with craft stuff in by the side of my bed (but I sense that's quite common among us crafters LOL!) And outside doesn't look any better either because of broken fences and bumpy grass!

Oh, sorry, enough of my gloom - I'm going to get a cup of tea and go to bed to read - hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow.

Actually, I had some more lovely news last week, but I'll have to keep shtum about that for now - just keep your eyes peeled here over the next few days!!

Love, Andrea xx


Monica said...

Ooooh Andrea, I wish I lived close by and could help you... don't do yourself down. You are a wonderful person and spread so much cheer with the delightful stuff you create and that cheer is ALL that matters. And none of us are perfect, you know.

Now to the good part, hearty congrats and I am not surprised because your work is extra, extra-ordinarily beautiful, you know. You deserve every bit of reward for it.

xxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Aww, Andrea it's horrible when we have tearful days when everything gets on top of us. I do know exactly how you feel as I'm going through the same sort of stuff. It's amazing how our crafting helps us through though and you have your lovely Andrew and Eleri to cheer you up. Hope you feel more uplifted soon. Sending hugs. xxxxxx