Sunday, 27 June 2010

Andrew's First Trip to Minor Injuries

Well, my son had his first trip to Minor Injuries last night (pretty good for a 9 year old boy huh?). Eleri had her first trip to MIU when she was 2 or 3 (she bit a nasty hole in her tongue when she fell off a little chair at nursery)!

Anyway, we were invited to my brother's barbecue yesterday evening. After eating they got out my nephew's battery powered motorbike, and went down the field with it. I was just popping out with my camera to grab a few photos, to see my two brothers and my Mum laughing their heads off, and Andrew coming limping up the field holding his ribs and his leg!! Apparently, he'd hit the throttle a bit too much, and the bike went off a bit too fast, and he was dragged along behind it - he was still holding the throttle back - think he didn't want to damage the bike by loosing go! He was shaking like a leaf when I got to him, so I got him to sit down for a moment before taking him in to get cleaned up - then I spotted the nasty little gash on his leg, with the skin kind of pushed back a bit (it was only about 2cm across in a kind of triangle shape), (sorry - hope you're not squeamish!!). So I thought I'd better pop him up to the hospital to have it looked at. By now, cos he'd seen the blood (which wasn't too much!), Andrew was really upset - so were my Mum and brothers actually because they'd laughed!!

Anyway, he ended up having 3 stitches, and we've got to pop back to hospital to get it checked for infection later today.

I'm so proud of him - he did get pretty upset when he had to have the local anaesthetic injection - but he's not moaned since - in fact I think he's pretty proud of his injury LOL! I think he can't wait to tell the boys at school he's had a motorbike accident!! And he's very pleased that he's got out of School Sports this week, and swimming lessons - he doesn't enjoy sports and he's been trying to get out of his swimming lessons since he moved up to a different instructor. He's not allowed to do any running around til he's had his stitches out (7-10 days), and he's just said "Having a leg like this is a bit boring!" It's normally a devil of a job getting him to go out to do some running around LOL!

Hope to finish a wedding acceptance card this evening and show you soon, and I have two birthdays this week to make cards for. So, see you soon! Enjoy the rest of your weekend - meant to be very hot here in the UK again today, but it does look like there is a lovely cooling breeze!

Love, Andrea xx

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Mina said...

he is probably proud as punch of it Andrea, he will be showing it off to all his friends and living of the story for ages lol...ooooohhhh the worry and joys of having children lol#Mina xxx