Thursday, 20 August 2009

Oh! I am a Dope!!!

I'm feeling such a dope! My blog photos are never particularly good are they, but have you noticed the ones on my Simon Says post below? The photos are looking particularly foggy at the top aren't they?

Well, I've been thinking that I had ruined my camera on Sunday - I must tell you - we went to watch the Walking with Dinosaurs Live Arena Show - it was absolutely fantastic, with real 'live looking' and life size dinosaurs moving around (all done by robotics). It really was awesome and, if you have the chance to go and watch it, just go - or at least look at this dinosaur live website. Anyway, I had my camera on throughout the show and kept it on as we were not supposed to use flash and I was worried that I would keep forgetting to shut the flash off if I kept switching the camera off! And I have been thinking that having it on for so long had overheated it or something :(.

But then, yesterday when we were in the park, I noticed that the lens was particularly smudgy, so I gave it a bit of a rub with my t-shirt and hey presto! the photos are not foggy anymore - happy me! :D

I don't think it's going to make me a better photographer though! (LOL).

Anyway, must go and wash up and put the rubbish out, then I can get on with some crafting!

Hope to see you soon!

Love, Andrea xx

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