Monday, 31 August 2009

I need a rant...!!!

Oh, I've not had the best of bank holiday Mondays today! My husband has been working, and I decided to get the house cleaned. Then I heard my daughter and her friend say something about putting the 'cum powder back (that's talcum powder in little girl speak!). So I firmly told my daughter she was not to play with the talcum powder, and she was not to go in my bedroom again. But then about 10 minutes later she comes downstairs covered in talc again - I went into her bedroom and discovered that they had not just been playing with the talc, but also with water!!! There was sticky talc all over her toy cooker and dishes, her carpet, her bed, the bathroom sink and towel rail, and on my dressing table - GGGrrrr (angry mummy!). So she is now banned from taking friends up to her bedroom!

Then, this afternoon, they asked if they could do some painting. So I thought it wouldn't be wise to give them the big paint pots, just gave them a small watercolour pallette to use. Then I took something upstairs and, whilst up there got a bit distracted and did a bit of tidying in my daughter's room (again!!!) (I couldn't have been more than about 5 minutes), and when I came downstairs - a guilty little girl ran across the kitchen back to the table - I walked into the kitchen, and then took a sharp and noisy intake of breath (do you know the one I mean? haauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh!!!! - there was blue, brown and black paint splattered right up the wall and the cupboard! So they are now banned from painting together too! And I had to spend another 10 minutes trying to clean the wall - whilst desperately trying not to cry (actually a few big tears did fall!!)

All I want is a nice clean, tidy house, and obedient, well mannered children, who realise when they have made a mess and tidy it up without being told to do so - I think I'm asking too much aren't I!! Quite often, when my daughter looks at me, I can see her thinking - "Oh no! What have I done now! Is she gonna rant again?" And, she can have such a beautiful, angelic face on times!!

Anyway, I did manage to get downstairs reasonably tidy, dusted and hoovered before my hubby got home - and we had a nice roast beef dinner with yorkshire puds (mmmmmmm!!!). But I've still got upstairs to do tomorrow!!

I'm about to start making a card now - that should make me feel better! Actually, I feel better after the rant - thanks for listening!!

Oh! - I heard Michael Macintyre talking on the radio this morning - and he was saying how he is not able to have a phone conversation with his wife without her stopping to tell one of the children off!! OMG - How true is that? (I thought it was very funny anyway!)

I'm gonna go now! Speak to you soon!

Love, Andrea xx

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Stephanie said...

I love Michael Macintyre - he cracks me up cause he's always spot on LOL

Sending you big hugs from one harrassed mother to another lol If mine aren't up to mischief....then they're sleeping lol