Monday, 12 September 2011

Update on Eleri

Hello Everyone

Please see my post below to find out what has been happening with Eleri!

I've had a couple of very sleepless nights - Saturday night Eleri woke a few times in pain, and only once last night. But I struggled to sleep last night - I'd forgotten to phone Andrew's friend's mum to double check that she was OK to take Andrew to and from school today, so I was worried about that. I had forgotten to take Eleri's bottle of water away from her bedside when she went to bed, so I was worried that she would have a drink in the night. It was also very windy in the night, so I was worrying about our garden fences blowing over again, and about the possibility of trees across the road when travelling to hospital, and worrying about whether we would arrive on time or be able to park!

But everything went well today. We arrived at the right reception desk at the right time this morning - although a bit windy there was no traffic hold ups. Eleri had managed not to eat or drink anything since going to bed last night - although I did catch her trying to get a drink in the night - aaaaggghhhh!

Poor little thing had such a long wait this morning before her op though - we had arrived before 8am, and she finally went to theatre just before 1pm. Eleri didn't complain of being hungry or thirsty but, boy I was thirsty and hungry by then - I'd managed to sneak half a cup of tea and a piece of toast before I woke Eleri this morning. But there was no way I could leave her to get a drink whilst waiting for theatre. She was so good having her 'fairy toilet' (the cannula) fitted for her anaesthetic, even though the first one didn't go in properly so the anaesthetist had to put one in her other hand - and I was amazed at how quickly she went to sleep. And then she was fully awake when she came back to the ward about half an hour later.

Well, we have been given the foreign body - it was a little flower shaped plastic bead! Because it's got quite pointy petals, it had scratched the inside of her ear, and was quite lodged in I think. So her ear was bleeding a bit - and the bead is quite bloodified. Anyway, the bead, safely tucked inside its specimen bottle, is going to join the specimen bottle with the blackthorn that was removed from her foot in the summer holidays! I wonder what will be next!!!

Eleri's just got to have ear drops for the next few days, but does not need to have any other follow-up. We'll see how she is in the morning and decide then whether she should go to school tomorrow.

Well, that's enough from me - I think I'm going to bed - lack of sleep and stress has just caught up with me!

Love, Andrea xx


Monica said...

Relieved that all is well now but you must have gone through a harrowing time, Andrea... who ever said that being a mum was easy. The weather was playing up but thank goodness it behaved that day. Love to Eleri and ask her not to shove foreign bodies in her ears. Having said that I was less than three and put in a bead really deep into my nose!!! Oh kids!

xxx Monica

Emma said...

Hope Eleri recovers very soon.
Hugs Emma x