Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dilemmas in Life!

Hello All and Happy Sunday to you - I hope you're having a good weekend.

Well, I had a lovely morning yesterday - I attended a Christmas Crafting class run by Ruth and we made 4 lovely Christmas cards using Stampin Up products (I've not used those before and I am very impressed!). Hopefully, I can photograph the cards and post them later today. I'm looking forward to attending another class with Ruth next month.

But today I feel fed up again! Cricket season finished yesterday (yay!) so it was the end of season drinking session for my hubby last night - he's gone to work today with a slight headache but otherwise not feeling too bad! Football started on Friday evening and I was told this morning that indoor cricket starts next Thursday, and there's a golf day next Friday that Richard thinks he might try to get his day off this week to go to! As Richard keeps saying to me, I knew he was into his sport when I married him, but we didn't have children or a house and garden that needs a lot of work then, and Richard didn't have to work most weekends then either! And Richard seems to find it easy to ignore the fence that fell down last January and the big gap between us and the neighbours, and the weeds and grass that have grown around the tree branches that he cut down and left in the middle of the lawn in the spring! It just depresses me! And I want to buy some new curtains and blinds for our living room and kitchen, but I don't want it to be just my decision - but when am I going to get Richard to come with me to choose something - I just don't know!

And I have a dilemma at work at the moment. A job has come up in our office, at a higher grade than I'm on. Lots of people are saying I should go for it and, though I'm not as confident in my abilities as they are, I am tempted to have a go for it. The problem is I currently work 24 hours a week, and the job is 18 hours a week so, even though it is a higher salary, it would mean a cut in wages for me for a few years, and I don't know if we can afford to lose up to £140 a month. That might all be academic anyway as an essential qualification is to have a Degree or a professional qualification - I don't have a Degree and I'm not sure if one of my qualifications will count as a professional one - I need to check with our HR Manager on Tuesday.

But now some really happy news! I have realised this morning that I was chosen in the Top 3 for last week's Delightful Challenges with this card - so that's cheered me up some!

Instead of all that waffle, I could probably have just typed a few words today - I feel unsettled!!! LOL!

I'll go and leave you in peace now - better finish loading the washing machine and then get some cleaning and ironing done.

See you soon.

Love, Andrea xx


Monica said...

I like how you speak your heart out, Andrea... sometimes that is all we need - a listening ear.

I hope the job front sorts itself out. And don't worry about the hedge, Richard will do it sooner rather than later. Or maybe later rather than sooner. These men need their sports. Just like we women need our crafts. Sorry if I sound like I am lecturing you...
Just feel a connection with you, Andrea.
Now to the happy part, congrats for making it to the top 3 - you deserve even better.

Keep going and making cards and those awesome bracelets...

xxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, you do make me smile as it's just like listening to myself, lol! Except in our house it's painting and other diy jobs that get left half done - grrrr!! At the moment we have two water leaks that he keeps 'fixing' but then a few days later it's dripping through the ceiling again - grrr!!! I gave up on the garden and now pay someone £15 a fortnight to cut the grass as I just couldn't stand it any longer. I do the weeding. Sometimes I let it all wash over me and it doesn't bother me and other times I feel like screaming!

I don't know what to advise about the job except to say if you're meant to get it, you will and the money side will sort itself out. xxx

Vicky said...

Ooh....Andrea I feel for you hun...but love there sport and I so pleased Steve only likes the footie...otherwise I think I would have divorced him by

And the job....that does seem a lot of money to loose... take care and big hugs Vicky xx