Thursday, 1 September 2011

Flashing Lights!

Hello Everyone - and it's gorgeous weather here at the moment, though the cloud does seem to be building up a bit. Eleri and I have been swimming this morning, and we really ought to be making the most of the sunshine outside but we're just flopped on the sofa in front of the TV (lazzyyy!). Andrew stayed with a friend last night, and I'm not sure when he'll be home.

My hubby woke me up in the night last night - he'd slapped me on the shoulder and, as I woke up, he was pointing his arm straight out and at our bedroom window. I thought he said "ooo splash!" I looked at the window and then turned to Richard and said "Pardon, splash?" - his eyes were open and he was looking at me, and then he said "Flashing". That scared me a bit, I looked to the bedroom door thinking does he mean there's someone on the landing with a torch (aaarrgghh!). Then he said "There's flashing lights somewhere". Then he clasped his hands together and started snoring - ha ha! I had my very own Sleep Talkin Man! ROFL! I've no idea what he was dreaming about. But I struggled to get back to sleep afterwards, because I kept giggling! He couldn't remember anything about it this morning when I told him!

I just had to write about it - it was so funny at the time - but maybe you needed to be there to think so - though I'm glad you weren't ROFL!

Well, I'm going to get lunch now and then really must get outside this afternoon.

See you soon.

Love, Andrea xx


Anonymous said...

Lol, love it!! They never believe you when you tell them do they?! I remember waking up one night and I could hear shuffling outside on the landing. I found my son (aged about 24 at the time) fast asleep but crawling on his hands and knees. I asked him what he was doing and he said 'Shhh, I'm playing hide and seek!' I couldn't move for laughing!! xx

Monica said...

That made me laugh!!!!!!! Oh these men! They can be hilarious... I have realized that sometimes humour is the only way to tackle them, you know.

DH was getting all frustrated because the juicer got jammed and I thought that he was having a nervous break down coz' he has a lot of work pressure. He told me that he can handle big stuff but the small stuff pisses him off (pardon my lingo, there - quote, unquote!) Lol! Sometimes I wonder how does he ever handle bigger things????? Lol.

xxx Monica

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha!!! Love your story!
My hubby does that often and he expects a response when he talks to me...a little scary having to respond to him while his eyes are open but he's asleep, lol.
xo, Abby