Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Show and Tell

Hello Everyone - I hope you're having a good week so far - we have had some gorgeous weather the last couple of days, and it is supposed to be good for a few days to come - lovely!

I've finally managed to download photos of the cards I made at the class on Saturday, so here they are:

I think the reflection technique on that last card is fabulous - I must check whether I have any stamps which would suit that technique.

And I've also made some more jewellery. This is a set I've made to go with an orange top I have. A long necklace, bracelet and earrings, made out of grey agate and haematite. Because of the weight of the gems, the necklace does hang straight when it's on, but it looks a bit scrunched when it's not on.

I've decided not to apply for the Advocacy job in our office - I don't meet the essential criteria for qualifications so it's not very likely that I would be shortlisted for interview, and we as a family could not afford to lose money each month anyway - it is a bit disappointing, but I'll soon get over that - better than going to a lot of trouble filling in an application form, and then discovering that I'm not shortlisted! So I'll look forward to working with a new person in the office.

Eleri's complaining of earache again today - I hope there's nothing wrong - I'm keeping a close eye on her at the moment. She says she's definitely not put something in her ear (because she's not been lying down - she's convinced herself that the last bead was on the floor and it popped itself in her ear when she lay on the floor LOL!)

That's all from me. See you soon. I need to make a birthday card for my niece as soon as Holby City has finished LOL!

Love, Andrea xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, these are fantastic!! I really love the last one. Your jewellery is gorgeous!!

I'm glad you've come to decision about the job and it sounds like the right one. I hope Eleri is okay.

Monica said...

Hi Andrea,

Glad that you are at peace now about the job... funny how time helps.

Your jewellery is so elegant just like you. It will look wonderful with your orange top.

And those cards are amazing... so PRETTY! Love all of them.

I hope Eleri's ear ache is a case of hypochondria!!! Lol.

xxx Monica