Saturday, 2 June 2012


Good evening everyone - I hope you are having a fabulous Jubilee Weekend here in the UK.

I have just watched the final of The Voice on TV - WOW! - all four finalists deserved to win I think - it was really difficult to choose who should be the winner.  I hope all four of the artists get to do what they want in their careers now, and that they all get the recording contracts I think they each deserve!

Well, the bank holiday weekend did not start the way I expected last night - I had to rush Richard to see the out of hours doctor - he was in agonising pain - and the doctor suspected kidney stones!  Thankfully, the injection the doctor gave him eased his pain and he was able to come home rather than be rushed to hospital.  He's got medication for the pain and to help with the stones (we're not quite sure what the pills do, we're just hoping he doesn't get the same level of pain again!).  He's also having to pass water through a sieve at the moment, in case he does pass any stones - and if he does, he's to take them to his doctor to get them analysed.  He's got to go to see his own doctor after the bank holiday anyway.  The silly sss-ssausage did go in to work for an hour this morning - he said that he really needed to unload a lorry - but he came home and went back to bed for a while.  He's in some pain this evening, but managing I think with the painkillers.  Poor Andrew didn't know what on earth was going on when I had to wake him in the night to come with us to the hospital - it took a while for him to come round properly.

Eleri is away at a Brownies two night sleepover at the moment - back tomorrow afternoon - I hope she's having a good time.  We're all thinking about her and wondering how she's doing.

Well, I think that's all I need to say this evening - I hope the rain which is forecast doesn't spoil tany bank holiday or Jubilee plans.  Not sure what we're doing, it depends how tired Eleri is when she comes home and on the weather, and it also depends how Richard is doing.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend whatever you're up to.

I'll love you and leave you now.

Love, Andrea xx

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Anonymous said...

How did I miss this?! I'm so sorry to hear about Richard - kidney stones are soooo painful! Dave had one a few years ago. I found him slumped over the sink in the bathroom - he'd been sick, was grey and sweating and I thought he was having a heart attack. The paramedics were great and gave him something for the pain before taking him to hospital. He's been fine ever since the stone passed out.