Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This Week I 'Ave Been Mostly...

... baking a strawberry and white chocolate Herman the German Friendship Cake, and eating it of course - Mmmmmmm!!!!

When I was preparing cricket teas a couple of weeks ago, a friend gave me two portions of cake mix (see link above).  I didn't have time to cook Herman as another friend phoned to invite me to see Joan Armatrading at our local theatre - well, I don't get out much so I jumped at the chance and had a fabulous time!  Anyway, I did  manage to cook one portion last week, and followed the instructions to make four portions out of the other one - we gave three portions away to some of Richard's workmates, and I baked Herman with strawberries and white chocolate on Sunday evening.  I'm not the best cook/baker, but he does taste yummy - I can't really taste the strawberries but I am getting lumps of the white chocolate!

I hope you bloggers in the UK managed to enjoy the Jubilee weekend despite the awful weather.  My hubby wasn't up to going out Saturday, Sunday or Monday, and I didn't feel able to leave him home alone (see my post below for the little tale of woe!).  We did manage to go into town on Tuesday for the local party in the park and street party - but it was too cold to be sitting around, and when the heavy rain came down we came home - such a shame!

Anyway, enough from me now.  See you soon.

Love, Andrea xx


Anonymous said...

How is Richard now, better I hope?!

Isn't it funny how things get around? We had loads of these Herman cakes being passed around in work the other week. I must say yours looks delicious!


I wish I was as smart as you Andrea and had the foresight to add some fruit or indeed chocolate to my cake. It looks delicious xxx