Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Whew - Car's Fixed!

Hello everyone

I thought I should just pop back on to let you know that the car's been fixed - thank goodness for that!

Richard phoned the local garage we use and found out what the likely problem was - and, with a little help from a friend from work, he discovered which fuse had blown and was able to replace it.  Yes - it was just a fuse!  Can you believe one little fuse can cause so much to stop working - the central locking system, interior light, radio, sat nav - they all seem so unconnected to me but what do I know about cars?  .....  Enough not to go fiddling with lights and make them spark lol!

I do have to let you know that, when I spotted Richard with the bonnet of the car up yesterday evening, I rushed outside to see what he was up to, and to check he wasn't doing more damage LOL!

So we are both extremely relieved, and I can be civil to him again. 

BTW, he completely ignored me on Saturday when I told him he couldn't play cricket unless he'd fixed the car - he played, and I was fuming all day!  We're friends again now though LOL!

See you soon

Love, Andrea xx

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Stephanie said...

Glad it's fixed Andrea - nothing worse (or more expensive!) than car troubles! x