Friday, 27 April 2012

Not So Wonderful Tonight!!!

Hello All

If you read my post last week, you will know that my husband was wonderful cos he gave me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for our wedding anniversary.

I said I would probably be using different adjectives to describe him soon, but I did not expect that to be quite this soon!!!

I cannot believe what he has done!  He's playing football this evening, went out and then came back in saying that he was going in someone else's car because there's something wrong with the central locking on our car.  I said to him that it must be the battery in the key but he said "No I think it's something to do with the interior light - there was a spark when I was trying to fix it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

WHAT!!!???  What the piggin' hell has he done?  Our car has been in the garage for 2 days this week already - we've had the timing belt changed before we have a motorway trip to make soon.  Why has he been fiddling with something he knows nothing about?  How on earth can the interior light affect the locking system on the car - **swear words**

I can't even type the adjectives I'm using to describe him at the moment!  I'm sooooo mad with him, and he's bogged off to football.  Well I tell you, he is not going to cricket tomorrow until the car is fixed.  Hmmphhh!

I was hoping ranting on here would make me feel better, but I don't!  I think my blood pressure's hit the roof!

I'll go now!

Love, Andrea xx


Stephanie said...

LOL oh Andrea I'm sorry to say you've made me chuckle - go easy on him sweetie, those flowers were beautiful!! xxx

Mina said...

dont you just hate it when men fiddle with broken things they know nothing about lol...oooohhhh poor you Andrea and your poor car
Mina xxx

Anonymous said...

Lol, I do hope you feel better now Andrea!! I don't know how I missed your rant :)

Did he fix it?!!!

Monica said...

Oh Andrea, you are so sweet... hope your BP is better after your holiday... the kind of things my hubby does are amazing. He behaves worse than a little brat sometimes. He becomes this boy who never grew up. Ofcourse he does not have to try very hard at that. Never mind, men will always be boys as they say.

Monica xxx
The flowers are lovely so that must have softened your stand... I hope. Lol.