Sunday, 13 May 2012

Hello - We're Back From Holidays

Well hello everyone - we have been away on holiday for a few days (Sunday to Friday) in Devon.  We had a lovely time, though the weather wasn't brilliant.  But the post holiday blues have set in big time!  Please don't feel sorry for me though, cos I'm feeling sorry enough for myself lol!  We are lucky to have been on holiday at all - I know that there are many people who won't manage to get away this year.  So it's just head up for me and get on with what needs to be done - catch up with washing, ironing and housework.  Richard has already gone back to work today - I really don't like him having to work Sundays but that's just the way it is.

I'm hoping I can get inspired to make something soon, and I really need to find the motivation to change my eating habits and start a decent exercise programme - I've never had such a floppy belly before!!!

See you soon.

Love, Andrea xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, glad you managed to get away for a bit. I always feel a bit down when I get home too.


welcome back and glad to hear you had a fabby break(love DEVON). Good luck with all that washing that's the bit I hate the most whenever I go away. Hugs xxx

Monica said...

Glad that you had a great holiday and sorry that you are blue... hope you are feeling sunny by now with some washing under control.
I went for a 5K walk today after ages... cellulite catching up on me. Lol. Came back and immediately made a card... Nothing like craft for relaxation. Cannot wait to see what you make.

Monica xxx