Monday, 16 April 2012

And So I Made One For Eleri...

Hello Lovely Bloggers

I've had another long weekend from work - the children don't go back to school until tomorrow. And it's been another lazy weekend - I just haven't got the energy to do much at the moment.

I did go to a show with my sister on Friday evening at our local theatre, to see Dirty Dancing, which was a medley of songs from the film. I have to admit I've never actually seen the film (is that something I should admit?!), but I did recognise most of the songs. We were encouraged to get up out of our seats and dance and sing along - not me really, but I gave it a go!!! I was just very relieved not to be one of the audience picked to join them on stage to dance!

Yesterday was Richard's birthday - I think he had a good day, but he didn't want to do anything special. He was pleased with his presents. Something else I maybe should not admit? - but I bought him a card from the children and I made him a digital card, which is really not good enough to show to you clever cardmakers!

Anyway, Eleri loved the ribbon bracelet I made last week and she asked if I could make one for her to match one of the new summer dresses she had last week. So here it is:

Here it is being modelled!

Andrew has agreed to have a go at golf lessons, first one this evening, so I'd better get him something to eat before we go.

Thanks for popping in to see my blog - see you soon.

Love, Andrea xx


Vicky said...

Such a pretty wee bracelet the colours and design...and I soooo love Dirty Dancing!!...just reminds me when I first met my that is something not to admit..I feel so old!

big hugs Vicky xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, I love these bracelets - so pretty!!

I'm sure your digi card is fab and you should blog it! As for buying cards - don't worry, we all have to sometimes. I had to send Dave to buy some this month as I wasn't well enough to make them.

Mina said...

I bet she loves it Andrea, you make these so beautifully they look so magical
Mina xxx

Tab said...

Wow, Andrea! You ribbon bracelets are amazing, they look so neat and perfectly made :o)....never seen anything like this before, truly fab!
Hugs Tab xxx