Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Some Jewellery for Me

Hello Peoples - I hope you are having a good week. I've finished work today for just over a week, but I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to the time off or not - I can't bear it when the children in the neighbourhood start falling out with one another, and telling tales on each other (which has apparently been happening today!). Think I'm gonna have to plan a few days out somewhere, just hope the weather is kind and we don't have to spend money going places!

Anyway, this evening, I thought I would show you a jewellery set I've made for myself - a bracelet and earrings set. I love wearing bracelets - I don't often wear necklaces and don't change my earrings very often though I do love wearing dangly earrings. Mostly I just keep my gold studs in.

This is made with an amethyst chunk, sage amethyst beads and white agate beads, with a small sterling silver clasp. I really love wearing this bracelet.

The next image is a bit blurred but I'm trying to show the weaving technique I've used.

And these are the earrings - I need to practice making wrapped loops! Although I love these, they are a bit heavy to wear for any length of time.

I managed to wear them for the evening when I went out last Friday. And I did have a lovely evening. My name was chosen out of the hat to have my make-up done by the make-up artist, who was someone who does the make-up for Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Dancing on Ice (all of which are programmes on ITV here in the UK - and none of which I watch ;D). Anyway, I was really pleased with what she did - it was just a natural daytime look - perfect for someone who doesn't often wear make-up - it was just a shame I had to come home and remove it before going to bed LOL! And Richard didn't even comment (that's men for you I suppose!)

So, I'll love you and leave you for now. Hope to be back again soon.

Love, Andrea xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,
What a beautiful bracelet and earrings! Love the colours of the stones. You are clever!! I wear more bracelets than any other jewellery too.

Your comment about the children arguing made me laugh - I'm glad to get away from it for the next few weeks as they're just the same in school, lol! Doing yard duty is a nightmare sometimes, trying to sort out all the squabbles.

Mina said...

wow Andrea these are stunning...Im so glad you had a good night and Im so jealous I would love my make up done by a real make up artist...mind I would have to have a plasterer do the polyfilla first lol
Mina xxx

Monica said...

Such BEEEEEAUTIFUL jewellery there... you are sooooo talented, aren't you? I love amethyst, I think it is my lucky stone.

Wow, professional makeup!!! And hubby did not notice it... lol! Tell me about it!!! Sometimes he thinks I am part of the furniture, you know! Lol! Well, thank God for blogging!

Thanks so much for asking after Aleeza - sorry I could not answer earlier... I think the holiday in France did something to her because we left her with a baby sitter for long hours and she is not really used to staying without me. So it is seperation anxiety, I guess. Hopefully, she will come out of it. And slowly she is.

Love your jewellery - keep creating and keep posting,