Sunday, 20 February 2011

Today's Party Went Much More Smoothly!

Hello Again Peoples

Please see my post below to read about my daughter's birthday party yesterday.

Thankfully, Andrew's party today went much more smoothly (thank goodness LOL!). The day didn't start too well though because Richard had a hangover (serves him right - don't think he can remember much of last night at all! He doesn't remember calling for food on his way home, but he found the evidence on the chair this morning (sesame seeds from his burger bun!). He'd told me he hoped to be home about 10.30 last night, but I think it was about 12.30 when he finally rolled in.

Anyway, I think Andrew has had a good birthday - he had three friends round to play this afternoon - they were quite boisterous at times! But they wanted to go to the park to play football - Richard took them - they got very muddy (oopsie!). My niece came to play with Eleri, and they wanted to go to the park too so my brother took them. So I had some time at home alone in the middle of a boy's birthday party - didn't expect that LOL! Then it was back home for food - I was worried about that as two of the boys are very very fussy eaters, but they all ate their fill. I even had a fab compliment from one of them - he told me my little cakes were even better than his nain's cakes and he said she makes good cakes (he made my day!).

We managed to light the candles on both birthday cakes today (poor Eleri didn't get chance yesterday - you'll know why if you read my post about her party!)

And the boys went back outside to play football and running games in the garden just before it was home time. So, all in all, the boys were much easier - mind you that might be because of their age 9 and 10 - and they were so polite when asking for drinks and thanking me for their food etc.

Maybe I'll be able to post some photos tomorrow. Just checking to see whether there are any challenges I can enter at the moment.

Half term this week, so I'm not working in the days, but have meetings to attend and take notes at on Wednesday and Thursday evenings - think they are going to be busy.

See you soon.

Love, Andrea xx


Stephanie said...

I'm glad everything went smoothly, I find Children's parties the most stressful of occasions - whether that's arranging them for my own kids or even just attending others LOL The things we have to do as parents eh?! Take care Andrea, love Steph x

Anonymous said...

Glad you had an easier day with the boys Andrea! xx