Saturday, 29 December 2012

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Hello Everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We did - a very quiet Christmas with just the four of us this year, but that's what we like now and again!  I was spoiled with lots of lovely presents.  We had an amazing present delivered to us on Christmas Eve from one of Richard's workmates - it was a 18lb 5oz turkey - huge!!!!!  Richard managed to chop some bits off it to put in the freezer, and half of the cooked turkey was also put in the freezer on Christmas Day - lots more turkey meals for us over the next few weeks :)

All over Christmas I have been thinking of all the people who may not have had a good Christmas - there just seems to have been so much awful news over the last couple of weeks - the shootings in America, fatal car accident on the M6 (I think!) when two little boys died on Christmas morning, the dreadful floods in various parts of the UK.  My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering in any kind of way.

My poor husband is not very well at the moment - he has a nasty cold, which I think I am developing.  I had to go to pick him up from work just before lunch time today - he shouldn't have been working really but he stayed at work until they could get someone to cover for him!  I hope I don't develop any more of a cold - I won't be able to visit my Mum and Dad tomorrow as I don't want to pass any nasty bugs on to them - my Mum is recovering from a big operation at the moment, but she is doing well.

Enough of that - my real reason for coming on here is to show some of the gifts I made this year - I didn't manage to photograph everything I made.

I knitted some scarves for my niece, goddaughters and some friends:

I made some shortbread cookies for Richard's brother and his family:

And, finally, I would like to show you what my Dad made for Eleri for Christmas- she loves it!

Sorry for the photo heavy post.

Well, sending you all the very best wishes for a happy and healthy 2013.

Love, Andrea xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea,

I hope by now your husband is feeling better and you didn't get it! I absolutely love the gifts you made and how clever is your dad! Eleri will treasure the house,I'm sure, and maybe pass it on to her own little girl one day. Fabulous!! Is there a pattern for the longer scarves - I'd love to make one?

Take care and hope you have a very happy and healthy 2013!

Vicky said...

WOW...thats an awesome house sweetie.

Happy New Year hun, thank you so much for your continued support & your inspiration.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx