Friday, 30 November 2012

Oh Dear ...

Well hello peoples!  It has been so long since I posted anything.

I really don't know where my mojo has disappeared to - been missing for weeks, and not come home yet!

I did manage to make my goddaughter a card and present eventually - though they were a late arrival a few days after her birthday.  I struggled with the card and I had to remake the present; I wasn't keen on the one I made first.  I loved the final creation though.

The bracelet is made with labradorite - one of my favourite gemstones.  These stones had so much labradorescence (don't know if that is spelled correctly!), with blues, yellows and purples flashing through when moved; so gorgeous.  The photo has not picked it up; you can just about pick it up in the small bead to the right of the large oval in the centre, and the bead on the far right of the bracelet.

Eleri is off to a birthday party tomorrow, for two of her friends from school.  I have been doing some knitting lately, and so I made the two girls a scarf each.  They are circular scarves and each one took me an evening to make; I'm not sure that they are the perfect length, but I hope the girls like them.  They are being modelled by none other than my beautiful little girl :)

And there you have it!  I am also in the process of knitting some Christmas gifts at the moment, and hope to show those when I can.

Love Andrea xx

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Anonymous said...

Another lovely post from you, Andrea, with so much to see! You really are a very creative and talented lady! I love the card, bracelet and scarves! Gorgeous colours and designs.