Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gift For My Sister

Hello Folks

We're having a bit of a downer week this week - Andrew and Eleri were both sick on Monday evening so I had to keep them off school yesterday. Just typical, yesterday was a day I was supposed to be having training on how to use our new video conferencing facilities - thankfully, Richard's boss is good and allowed him to come home for a couple of hours so that I could go in to work for that (though I don't think he was really too happy about it!). Both children seemed OK this morning, and I was meant to be in the office on my own this afternoon because my colleague had to have the afternoon off for an appointment. But I had a call from the school secretary about 2.30 - Andrew was ill again and could I go to collect him (oh no!). At least I was able to collect Eleri at the same time rather than having to go back at 3.20 for her. But that's put paid to my shopping trip tomorrow as I'll have to keep Andrew off school again. Mind you, I think I'm coming down with a cold today - sore throat, cough that's making my chest sore, runny nose - hopefully I will have fought that off by tomorrow though!

It was my sister's birthday yesterday - the card in my post below was for her. I made some jewellery for her present. A long necklace, a woven bracelet and a stretchy bracelet - all made with labradorite and pearls.

Well, that's it from me - better go make something to eat, and grab myself a honey and lemon drink I think.

Love, Andrea xx


Vicky said...

Wow Andrea they are all so gorgeous...and you so clever hun...!

hope the kids are getting better...and you too...sweetie

big hugs Vicky xx

Anonymous said...

It all happens at once with kids doesn't it?! Hope Andrew and Eleri (and you!) are soon okay. Your jewellery is stunning - you are clever!!! I love the labradorite. xx

weewiccababe said...

oh I bet she was chuffed with that beautiful jewellery, such pretty tones too