Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Such Sad News

Sadly, I must report that my mother-in-law passed away this evening.

Thankfully, several members of the family have been able to spend time with her in hospital over the last couple of days, and Richard, his Dad and his brother were with her during her last few moments. I have spent some time with her today but, unfortunately, was not able to get back to the hospital to see her again this evening. I came home this afternoon to collect the children from school and to take Eleri to her Rainbows Christmas Party. I am very sad that I was not able to be there to support Richard but I know that Eileen would have been happy knowing that Eleri was able to go to her party.

My heart goes out to anyone else who is also going through such a sad time at the moment.

I must go now.

Love, Andrea


debby4000 said...

Sending hugs to you all.

Monica said...

Hi Andrea,

So sad to hear this news... but I guess she is at peace now and with the angels. May God give your hubby enough strength to cope with this tragedy.



Mina said...

oh no Andrea Im so sorry for your family's loss...my heart is with you
Mina xx