Thursday, 7 October 2010

My Very First Blog Award

Hello - I'm back with my second post this evening (please take a look at my card in the post below).

Wooo hooooo! I have received my very first Blog Award, from the very lovely Monica, who makes her own handmade flowers for her cards, and also donates many cards to charity. Please take a look at Monica's blog. And Thank You So Much Monica, you really did make my day today (especially as I'm not feeling 100%!)

And here's my award:

Now I'm not sure if I should pass this award on to someone else, but there is someone I would like to pass it to - the wonderful Mina who not only makes absolutely gorgeous cards, but she usually has something in her posts which really makes me giggle. Mina, thank you for your inspiration and for making me giggle so often!

That really is it from me for tonight - I'm going to have a cup of tea with some paracetamol and then go to bed!

Love, Andrea xx


Mina said...

omg thank you so much Andrea...what a fantastic thing to say and theres me thinking I was babbling lol...that is the nicest thing anyone has said about me...thank you
Mina xxx

Monica said...

Hope you are feeling better... I love your cards - may this be the start of many more.

xxx Monica