Saturday, 23 October 2010

I Feel So Mad and Sad, and I Really Want to Throttle Someone ...

... but thought I would be better off coming on here to blog a rant instead!! LOL!

So, why am I so mad and sad - well, it's the little girl next door who is my daughter's so called 8 year old friend! She has started telling Eleri (who is 5!) that Santa's not real (again! - she did it last year too when Eleri was only 4!). I feel so sad because Eleri desperately wants to still believe in Santa - we were going to be doing the letter to Santa this week in the school holidays. Andrew (who's 9) doesn't believe any more - which is fair enough I think - but I've had the conversation with him that he must not say anything to younger children and spoil Christmas for them. I've told him that if I hear him or hear of him saying anything, then he won't get any extra presents.

I just don't know what to do! Should I try and catch her on her own and ask her not to say anything to Eleri again (but she doesn't like being in a room on her own with me - I think I scare her too much!), or should I have a word with her Mum? I just think she is being very cruel, spoiling Christmas for younger children.

When is it right for children to stop believing in Santa? - OK they probably shouldn't be going to High School still believing! But, as parents, we want to keep Christmas as magical as possible for as long as possible don't we?

Anyway, enough ranting - I feel better now - think I must be hormonal today LOL!

The other day, Andrew asked me if I was the Tooth Fairy! But I told him I wasn't, and I said I was trying to get hold of a fairy door so that the Tooth Fairy could always get in. I've only recently discovered that fairy doors exist - from Maddy at madimaginations - but now I've discovered them, I think every home should have a fairy door LOL! My husband thinks I'm mad!!!

An update re. my mother-in-law - she is still in hospital - has got to stay in until at least next Wednesday. They are having trouble getting the oxygen levels in her blood correct or something. I'm hoping to be able to pop in to see her in the next couple of days - she wants us to take the children to see her, but I'm not sure that's a good idea really. Richard's Dad is supposed to be checking with the ward whether they will allow it, and letting us know. Poor thing - he's asked us not to ring him to find out how things are - he says he panics when the phone rings - he thinks the worst!

Anyway, that's enough from me - I need to go and clean the kitchen up a bit before starting on our evening meal!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Love, Andrea xx

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Mina said...

its awful when you have to face the Santa thing isnt it Andrea...I got over it by telling my Daughter that if she believed in Santa then he was real and it was up to other if they believed or not, she seemed really happy with that
Mina xxx