Monday, 27 August 2012

My First Attempt at a Wire Work Ring

Hello Everyone

Happy Bank Holiday to those of you in the UK who've had the day off today - and hasn't it been typical bank holiday weather today - it really feels as though autumn is coming, cool in the evenings (and we haven't had many summer days this year), and the days are drawing in so quickly :(

Back to school next week - Andrew is starting secondary school (I think I'm much more nervous than he is LOL!) - where on earth does time go, and he'll soon be as tall as me, his feet are already larger than mine (that was a shock for me to cope with!).  The summer holidays are absolutely flying by.  Good grief aren't things for school expensive - I've spent £170 on shoes and trainers for my two in the last week, and we've still got to buy Andrew some football boots yet.  I'm going to have to think of a way to earn a few extra pennies me thinks - have to do a boot sale to get rid of some of the toys and clothes the children have grown out of!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately - Mr Mojo has been missing.  I've bought birthday cards and presents again this month.

Anyway, enough waffle.  I've made an attempt at wirework jewellery making today, and made my first ring.  I haven't got a proper ring mandrel so used a thick glue pen; the ring is a bit big but I don't like anything too tight!  The ring matches the jewellery set I made in June, shown here.

Ooh, if only my skin didn't look so old and wrinkled, I could apply to be a hand model LOL!

Back to the ring, I've used 0.6mm wire to make the flower, which is made with black shell and a rose quartz - the shank of the ring is 1mm wire.  This is OK for a first attempt - I need a lot of practice before I can make one for someone else though I think.

We have something exciting happening this week, and I'm very nervous about it - I'll tell you about it when it's over though, so keep an eye out in the next few days ;)

Thank you for looking, and I'll see you soon.  Have a fabulous week.

Love, Andrea xx



Stunning Andrea love it. xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love this Andrea!!! Fantastic - you're so clever!

Yes, the holidays have flown by and I haven't done half the things I planned.

I remember when my three were at school, I used to save up for months for the school uniforms. In those days you could only buy it in department stores like John Lewis and it was sooooo expensive!

Can't wait to hear what your news is!