Thursday, 8 March 2012

No Time to Craft :(

Hello Everyone

I just wanted to pop on here to say that I am here and I am well - I'm just not getting any time to craft or be creative at the moment! (big frown).

Work is so busy, I've had to work quite a few evenings in the last 3 weeks. Some of that has been out at meetings, and then other times I'm having to try to work on typing the minutes up in the evenings at home. I'm also having to work 5 days at work each week for the timebeing, rather than my normal 4 days - probably for the next 6 months too.

I may have to go out and buy a card for my nephew - but then he might prefer a bought card anyway LOL!

I'm hoping things will slow down a little soon and I can make something!

I am managing to do a little bloghopping and leaving some comments, but that time is very limited too.

Anyway, enough moaning, I hope to have something to show you sometime this month!

Lots of love, Andrea xx


mamaluke said...

What? Buy a card!? Aaw Andrea, hope you find time to craft soon! Left you something on my blog xx

Suzie's Card Den said...

Hope things slow down for you soon and you get some 'me' time. Look forward to seeing your next card
Suzie xx