Saturday, 31 December 2011

Time for Reflection and Some Favourite Makes

Hello Everyone

It's New Years Eve and I'm at home blogging, whilst Richard is sleeping in the chair LOL! I haven't even had a drink - as you may have read in my last post, my little girl Eleri is not 100% at the moment, and I'm still worrying that she's going to end up being very ill and have a trip to hospital. We're not sure what's wrong but she is still suffering with tummy pains, also in her back and tops of her legs - caused by constipation the doctors think - she hasn't 'been' now for 9 days - the powders from the doctor haven't kicked in yet. We had to take a 3rd urine sample to the doctors yesterday (she has traces of blood in her urine, but nothing specific showed up in the lab for her last sample). I'm not sleeping too well (though Eleri is!) - I'm just worrying and dreaming all sorts of horrid things!

*** Update on 1.1.12 - a motion has been passed LOL! I hope this means that Eleri is on the mend but I am still keeping a close eye on her. Just waiting for the results from the doctor on Tuesday now. ***

**** Update on 3.1.12 - Eleri's results were clear - she is still complaining of tummy pains but the doctor thinks she will do until everything settles down - she is to continue with the powders for a few more days - and I'm still keeping a close eye on her. ****

Anyway, enough of that. Lots of people have been blogging about their favourite creations of 2011, so I thought I would join in. On looking back at my blog, not all my favourites are cards.

My first choice is the thank you card I sent to the hospital staff who looked after my MIL up until she passed away in December 2010. I have missed her very much this year.

Next up, the card I made for my cousin's 30th birthday. We had a lovely big family get together for her before she returned to New Zealand in January.

I made some gorgeous cake pops for Eleri's classmates when it was her birthday in February. They went down a storm with the children. I really should make them again.

Next up the card I became a Top Five Passionista with at Passion for Promarkers.

It's midnight! Happy New Year to everyone! Just seen fireworks coming out of Big Ben on TV (the fireworks display in London). Wwooowww! That was amazing, but it must have cost a fffooortune!

Back to my post.

A simple, but bright and cheerful card for my Mum for Mother's Day.

Now for some male cards:

I had to put this one in because my Dad made me laugh so much when he opened it upside down, and thought it said 'Pep' then wondered if I was giving him a pep pill! ha ha!

I discovered the Jewellery Maker channel on TV this year, and started making jewellery. This bracelet was shown on the TV show, full screen on telly (wow, that was so exciting!)

Now for a baby card. I love my handmade flowers on this one:

Some teacher gifts:

My Aunty's 50th birthday card:

And, finally, the Christmas decoration I made at a craft class. It is currently on our mantle piece:

Well, looking back, it's a good job I'm not entering this post in any challenges because I could not cut it down to 5 or 10 makes!

So, do you have any plans or wishes for 2012? I hope that Eleri is going to get better quickly. I really want to make more regular contact with friends who I have not seen enough of in 2011. I have got to get into a regular exercise routine.

And, lastly, I wish all my friends, family, colleagues, and everyone in blogland a peaceful, healthy and happy 2012.

Well that was a long post - if you've got through it all - thank you so much!

I'll love you and leave you now!

Lots of love, Andrea xx


Mandy said...

Andrea these are all absolutely gorgeous, it's so hard picking fav's.
The fireworks were amazing, I couldn't believe how long they went on for.
Wishing you and yours a very Happy & Healthy New Year. Lots of love to Eleri I hope she is better soon
hugs Mandy xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrea, Loved seeing all these gorgeous creations again. Fabulous!

I know I'm not a doctor, but have they looked for a kidney infection? It's just with you saying blood in her urine with back and leg pain. Poor little love, I hope they find out what it is soon - you must be so worried. xxx

Kimberly said...

WOW what a showcase of beautiful them all...super sweet...tfs

Mina said...

these are all so gorgeous Andrea, Im so pleased to hear, I hope Eleri is over the worst now and is on the mend, the poor little darling, give her ahug from me...I hope you had a fantastic holiday season and I wish you and your loved ones good health, wealth and happiness for 2012...Happy New Year
Mina xxx

Karina said...

So great to take a look through your top creations. They are all stunning and I also love your non paper projects. Hope your daughter will be fine soon again and the test doesn't bring anything serious.
Hugs, Karina

Anonymous said...

wonderful creating Andrea!!! So glad you stopped by my blog so I could come visit you too! So much lovely coloring and creating! TFS!