Thursday, 4 November 2010

Halloween - I Know It's Late!

Hello Everyone - and to those who are at the NEC or going over the weekend, I hope you have a fabulous day - I am green with envy!

My son was invited to a Halloween party over the weekend, so I decided to send some little treats for everyone - and here's what I sent:

I made the little sour cream pouches - I printed thin card with designs from Crafters Companion Occasions CD. They were all made out of A6 size card, some had the short sides joined together first and some had the long sides joined together first, depending on the chocolate I was putting inside. They were so easy to make, but I think they looked really effective. In fact, if I'm asked to give some little pressies for the lucky dip tub at the school Christmas Fair, I might make some of these.

At the last minute, I decided to take Eleri to a Halloween party in a nearby village, so she went as a devil princess. She made her mask herself, wore a princess dress, a devil's tail (can't see it in the photo) and devil horns, and her new boots. And she had a lovely time at the party, especially when one of the little boys from school started chasing her! (who, by the way, asked her to marry him a couple of weeks ago :o

This is Eleri dressed up

Finally, Andrew took part in an inter-schools cross country competition yesterday - he came 57th (out of 59 or 60! - unfortunately, he takes after me for his lack of athleticism!), but he crossed the line running and smiling, and I was very proud of him! At least he took part this time - the last time they held the competition in the summer, I went to watch but Andrew stayed at school because he didn't want to take part - a bit embarrassing really, but never mind!

Oh - update - my mother in law has finally had a drain fitted to take the fluid away from her lung and she had the best night's sleep in over three weeks on Tuesday. My Mum's operation was cancelled on Tuesday but it was a good job as she has come down with a nasty cold - operation now due to be done on 12th November. And my Uncle has come home from hospital and is improving!

Well, I'll love you and leave you now - hope to manage to craft something to show you soon - in fact, I need to get shifting as I have a few birthdays and a christening coming up.

Love, Andrea xx


Monica said...

What lovely pouches those are... so creative.

Relieved that your mil is getting better. All the best for your ma's surgery on the 12th.

I had a card sale on last Thursday and Friday at my little one's school and it went well. Sold 40 cards out of 66. Have another sale on Tuesday - trying to raise funds for the volcano tragedy.

xxx Monica
PS: Thanks for your tips about the box to send 3D cards in... much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

These little Halloween pouches are fab Andrea! Great little gift idea. Thank you for entering my blog candy draw, and good luck! Hugs from Sally x